Pre-compiled Lua libraries and executables.


LuaBinaries is a distribution of the Lua libraries and executables compiled for several platforms.

This distribution offers a standard set of Lua libraries for the available platforms that can be used in any project that wants to be compatible with Tecgraf/PUC-Rio products and Kepler Project components.

LuaBinaries is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.


Since Lua offers no standard set of libraries, many projects and teams have to build their own version of the Lua libraries and this can create binary incompatibilities among the resulting products.

Tecgraf/PUC-Rio and Kepler Project teams have a lot of shared products, so it made no sense to keep maintaining two (incompatible) sets of Lua libraries in parallel. While it would be nice to have a single standard for the whole Lua community, that is still not the reality. So both teams merged their requirements and now use a common set of files. Those files are called LuaBinaries and are available here for other Lua developers that want to use them.

Using a common set of libraries has some advantages for the developer:

  • Easier interoperability with other products based on LuaBinaries
  • Faster setup time for new Lua developers

If you need to recompile from sources and would like to ensure LuaBinaries compatibility, use the source package available at the LuaBinaries Download with no modifications. In fact the only change from the package is the name of library and executable that use "luaXX" instead of "lua", where XX is the version number.


The LuaBinaries files are intended for advanced users and programmers who want to incorporate Lua in their applications or distributions and would like to keep compatibility with LuaBinaries, so they also will be compatible with many other modules available on the Internet. Get it from SourceForge or from the dedicated servers it is hosted in.

If what you want is a full Lua installation, please check other projects such as the Lua for Windows, LuaDist or LuaRocks.


    [26/Jun/2017] [13/Jun/2016] [14/Dec/2015] [19/May/2015] [24/Apr/2015] [05/May/2014] [31/Mar/2014] [26/Jun/2012] [08/Jan/2012] [20/Dec/2011]
    • Lua 5.2 - Release 1
      The suffix is now "52" for all binaries. In Windows the executables are now built using MingW, and depends on MSVCRT.DLL.
    • New site on SourceForge.
    • Lua 5.1.4 - Release 2 (sources and Visual C++ 8/9 binaries only)
      Fixed a problem in the manifest files used by dll8 and dll9 packages that prevents the wlua executable to work on a Windows XP 64bits.
    • Lua 5.1.4 - Release 1 (sources updated)
      The source packages now include the Tecmake compact version, so Tecmake does not need to be installed to build the binaries the same way we do.
    • Lua 5.1.4 - Release 1
      Added manifests for the DLLs in dll8 and dll9 distributions to include the dependency on the run time library. Added manifests for the wlua executables to include the dependency on the ComCtl32 library that enable the Windows XP Visual Styles for GUI applications.
      Originals Lua makefiles are not changed anymore.
      LUA_CPATH default changed to also include the "clibs" subfolder in search path when in Windows. Added support for "51" suffix.
    • Lua 5.1.3 - Release 1
      Removed Premake generated makefiles and renamed standard Makefiles from Makefile.std to Makefile. Updated Lua icon with more size and bpp combinations. Added Windows executable that is not a console application (wlua). Executables in Windows now uses VC8 (VS2005) run time library (MSVCR80.DLL).
    • Lua 5.1.2 - Release 1
      Added a dll proxy called "lua51.dll" in the dll packages. It can be used to replace other "lua51.dll" previously released. It will simply forward calls to the "lua5.1.dll". There is no compiled source code involved in the forwarding.
    • Lua 5.1.1 - "luac5.1.exe" updated in the current zip to fix a problem with the "-l" parameter.
    • Lua 5.1.1 - Release 1
    • Lua 5.0.3 - Release 1
      "luac5*.exe" and "lua5*.exe" in Windows now contain support for command line globing (so you can use "lua5.1 *.lua").
      Each binary package has less sub-directories. Packages for Windows are in "zip" format.
      The source code package includes makefiles to build the same binaries as LuaBinaries. Also has IDE projects for Visual C++ 6, 7 and 8.
    • Lua 5.1 - Release 1
      File names now use the suffix "5.1" instead of "51".
    • Lua 5.1 - Beta 1
      Based on Lua 5.1 beta released on 18/Nov/2005.
    • Lua 5.0.2 - Release 2
      There are some important changes:
      Library names now use the suffix "50". The two libraries now became only one library. Windows executables now use the DLL.
      LuaBinaries Release 1 and Release 2 for Lua 5.0.2 are incompatible.


The binaries are built and maintained by Antonio Scuri from Tecgraf. The project was designed by André Carregal and Antonio Scuri with contributions from Danilo Tuler and Diego Nehab. We also receive valuable collaborations from Mike Pall, David Burgess, Fabio Mascarenhas and Tomas Guisasola.

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For more information please contact us. Comments are welcome!

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